If Google Chrome Adds Native Ad-Blocking For Intrusive Ads, Then Chaos Will Hit The Translation Community

From the: Actually Make Ads Not Suck Dept.

Chrome to add built-in ad-blocking?

Rumor has it that Google will release a version of the Chrome Internet Browser (The Most Popular Web Browser In The World) with built in Ad-Blocking capabilities.

And before I start to explain why this is such a big deal… Remember that Chrome for mobile is based off Chrome for desktops and would eventually get these same features built in.

At first glance this might not appear to be that big of a deal. However, this could impact almost everyone on the Internet. This could impact viewers by giving them a ‘middle-ground’ ad-blocker that doesn’t block ALL advertisements, but instead blocks only those that are ‘intrusive’. This could impact websites by cutting their ad-revenue (something that has been already happening for years) even more as 50% of the world’s traffic starts to block their ads(Unless the move to non-intrusive ads). This could impact ad agencies that make a lot of money off intrusive ads by making it so that ‘bad-ads’ can be displayed. This could impact companies wanting to post ads… By either increasing or decreasing ad costs… I’m not too sure… Though I’m pretty sure that Google thinks that it’ll eventually increase overall ad revenue though. Note the use of ‘overall’ in that statement… I assume less money per ads, but more ads to make up for the drop.

Either way, this should help readers by cutting back on ads that are intrusive. Especially Full screen ads and redirect ads. However, notably absent are ‘auto-play video ads without sound’ from the list of the ‘bad ads’. Also absent are ‘auto-redirect’ ads, but I consider this more of a ‘well that is obviously bad, we’re not going to even bother listing it’ type of ‘bad-ad’ than anything else.

And what about the Translation communities?

Well they will be hurt financially hard to start, but will eventually have to transition to hosting ads that subscribe to the ‘good practices’ of the Coalition for Better Ads. Eventually this will lead to more consistent ad revenue for sites… but probably at a lower CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) than they are achieving currently… but hopefully in the long run… They will make up for the decrease of profitability per viewer by an increased volume of people actually viewing their (non-intrusive) ads.


This doesn’t (yet) directly deal with ‘malicious’ ads, but I believe it is a good first step.

Here is a one of the biggest Tech YouTuber’s (LinusTechTips) perspective on the issue. (Mildly NSFW)


Or if you prefer to stay on this page and skip ahead to: 00:13:55 for relevant section of the video. (Sorry WordPress doesn’t want to embed the video at that timestamp)


One thought on “If Google Chrome Adds Native Ad-Blocking For Intrusive Ads, Then Chaos Will Hit The Translation Community”

  1. As a reader of translations, I can definitely vouch for the stream-lining of ads in the translation community. I’ve been reading online novels for about four years now, and its interesting that we went from Ad-free (before translated content was a thing), to hyper-intrusive ads that chewed through my bandwidth faster than i could blink my eyes, and finally we’ve found a middle ground(or we are slowly working towards one). I know that others like myself, originally just ad-blocked everything when we started being hit with ads left right and centre.

    It has been good to see the translation community go from these hyper-blase ads to subtle ads these days that stick at the side of your viewer, but I do think it will be a long way until ads become profitable just because of the negative stigma and emotions that they’ve evoked for years.


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