IBM Japan announces Sword Art Online VR Project

This won’t end well…

From the: ‘If you understand all the context in this story, you realize the insane levels of irony’ Dept…

Apparently IBM Japan is trying to make a VR game for a series of light novels, manga, anime, and video games… based on VR Game that disables the logout functionality in-game, trapping 10,000 people. But that isn’t the real ‘kicker’, the real ‘oh shit’ moment is when the creator of the game tells people that if they try to log out from the outside, or if they die in the game… then their VR headset will kill them (Via the linking mechanism they use to directly connect the brain and the VR Headset)…

Source (in English):

P.S. Honestly, I think its fine, and that the game will suck until they can improve neural input(s) into the game. Otherwise, you’ll just be holding a controller(be it a specially shaped one like sword or not) and moving your head/body to make the movements in the game.

P.P.S. The more-direct link between control and your brain is what will make this better/scarier.


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